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This tutorial in keyboarding was written by people who at first did not know how to type! We were using 2 or at the most 4 fingers, typed staring at the keyboard, made enormous amount of typos, etc. And the only key that we knew well was the [Backspace] key!

Not any more!

Based on our own experience of learning how to type, we have carefully selected the most efficient and effective exercises and drills. We believe that this typing class will teach you how to type fast and most importantly without typos! You might find some drills little tedious and boring. But keep in mind that your fingers (not your head) have to remember where all the keys are. And no one will learn how to type correctly without drills and some serious effort.

In the beginning, you may feel that typing using all 10 fingers is slower then using just 2 fingers. This is to be expected since you will be learning a completely new way of typing! But every day you practice, you will make at least a small improvement and will feel more and more comfortable typing the proper way.

Please keep in mind that each lesson is supposed to be repeated several times before you proceed to the next one! We recommend to practice each lesson anywhere between 2 and 4 times or until you are comfortable with the new keys. And if you have a hard time with the Review Lesson, go through the entire unit once more! Only with a firm foundation can you build a good house.

It took a great effort on our part to create these pages, and we are working hard to make this site even better. After many discussions, we have decided to use a new, non-standard way of typing symbols and numbers that is more suitable for computer keyboards. And in the future, we plan to add more lessons and more exercises together with error checking abilities. So keep checking back!

Oh, one more thing. To keep this site free please remember to click on at least some of the ads ...

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The migration of the entire TypingClasses.com website to a new hosting service is now complete. Thank you for your patience.

Currently, our Typing Classes contain Lessons 1-23. We may add more lessons in the future.

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